Sunburst Video LLC strives to deliver the best in high-value, low-priced service designed for your needs.

Sunburst Video LLC

Serving Arizona since 1979

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Company Profile

Dennis Freyermuth: Operations Manager and CEO. Born and raised in Iowa, US Navy Communications Technician, Methods Engineer NASA Certified for Manned Space Flight Projects with the Bendix Insturment and Life Support Division. Moved to Arizona in the late 1970's and established Sunburst Video.
   Sunburst Video opened in 1979 as a retail sales and service outlet for home entertainment electronics; TV - VCR - Projection TV - Audio Systems - C-Band Big Dish Satellite TV Systems - and the first video rental library in town, all backed with our own service support department.
   The company has evolved into the Digital Age of High Definition Television and small dish satellite TV systems offering all the latest in new technology home entertainment systems and still maintaining our own installation and service support.
   Sunburst Video Productions, Arizona Event Film Productions is a division of Sunburst Video LLC as an independent Filmmaker for Special Events. The studio is equipped with the latest in High Definition Video and DSLR cameras, lighting and digital audio. Post production editing to DVD or Internet formats.
   Sunburst Video LLC is an authorized dealer for Dish Network, Bradley Electric Smokers and other brands of home TV and electronic products.